New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! We hope your 2019 is off to a wonderful start. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity to set and achieve goals as a family for the new year. Additionally, resolutions can be a valuable teaching moment for your kids. For example, how to set goals and sticking to them as well as understanding the importance of choosing to achieve goals or resolutions. Setting New Year’s resolutions are also a great way to develop communication and decision-making skills. When creating and maintaining resolutions, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Create Actionable Resolutions

For your resolutions, create tangible actions that can be done every day, every week, etc. For example, “I’m going to be healthier” or “I want to be a better friend” are vague statements and don’t really outline how you are going to achieve those resolutions.

Instead, give yourself actionable resolutions of “I’m going to drink 4 glasses of water every day.” or “I’m going to call my friend twice a week.” You can actively keep record of both of these intentions. Having tangible actions is also easier for kids to understand and achieve their resolutions.

Keep Positive Approach to Resolutions

Just like creating actionable resolutions, keeping a positive approach to your resolutions can be the driving force to achieving them. Just like other things, your outlook will affect every situation in your life. When thinking about your resolutions, remember that every day is a new day. So, if one of your goals is to work out every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday but you miss Monday’s workout, don’t berate yourself.  You are aware of your goals and your Monday workout is in the past. Now, you look ahead to Wednesday’s workout. This positive approach is also important to teach and remind your kids about. If a goal of your childe is to read an extra thirty minutes each night, but they are spending more time watching TV, approach them with a positive tone, not a punishing tone. Instead of pointing out shortcomings, point to the bright spots where your childe is doing something well.

Be A Resolution Role Model

It’s important to try and lead by example for your kids, whether it’s how you treat other people in difficult situations or how you treat yourself when you are having a tough time. For resolutions, it should be the same. When creating family resolutions, ensure your kids understand which ones are for the entire family, for them and for you. You can even think about creating or using a goal tracker (we love this one and this one) and keep it on the fridge or the wall. This way, your entire family can see both your goals and theirs, along with being able to hold everyone accountable for their resolutions.

For example, if one of the family’s goal is to have breakfast together before school or leave for school earlier, think about the action items that will need to be taken on your part, your kid’s part, etc. Meaning, one of your goals could be to get up 30 minutes earlier on family breakfast days to prepare the breakfast. It’s important to look at the tiny steps that will make achieving your resolutions possible.

A new year and New Year’s Resolutions are a beautiful tradition. It’s time to celebrate a new beginning and to set personal goals. Creating tangible resolutions, keeping a positive approach and being a resolutions role model are just a couple of action items to keep in mind when creating and maintaining resolutions.

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