Keep Your Littles Entertained!

Keeping Littles entertained with indoors activities can be tricky but can be done! With wintertime in full swing, having indoor activities for kids ready for entertainment can save you time and stress. We wanted to share with you a few of our favorite indoor activities to do with kids:

  • Cook with your kids — There are numerous online recipes or cooking activities that are kid-friendly. Keep it simple and easy!
  • Put on a talent show — A living room is the perfect place for a talent show and having the whole family (yes, even you, parents) will create a fun memory!
  • Write a book together — Kids are filled with creativity, so it’s time to get their creativity and imagination on paper! You can create books by using construction paper tied together and the kids can create their own illustrations!
  • Build a fort — This was one of our favorite activities to do. Grab all the blankets and pillows you have and create a fort in any room. The kids can bring their favorite book, board game or even movie and will most likely spend the whole day in there!
  • Tea Parties — Having an occasion to dress in your best is always a good time. Tea parties, whether you are sipping a delicious hot beverage or just pretending to sip England’s finest tea, are always a fun time.
  • Educational activities — It’s important for kids to always be learning, especially during the Reno school breaks. Consider taking an hour a day or every other day to have an educational activity planned. Fun and educational worksheets are easily accessible online!
  • DIY — From slime or kinetic sand to wizard or princess wands, the options are endless! You can even include an educational element in the activity.

Keeping your childe entertained indoors can seem like a huge mountain climb, especially if it’s for an extended period of time like Washoe County’s winter break. However, it can be done! It’s important to remember to plan and keep it simple.

If everyone needs to get out of the house, come enjoy The Lucky Childe! We are a café and activity center that is designed to offer a childe-focused environment that allows families the opportunity to interact together over delicious and healthy food, creativity and collaboration.

We offer educational, music and craft activities for parents to participate in alongside their children. One of our favorite activities to do with kids is our daily Story Time. Every day, at 10 am and 12 pm, we read a story and then create a correlating craft. All of our activities are designed to be enjoyable for parents and caregivers as well as children and are focused on imagination, learning and hands on artistry, rather than technology.

Our Story Time spots can be reserved in store. Check our website, Facebook and Instagram for activity updates and upcoming events!

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