Grand Opening Christmas Party

On December 8, 2018, The Lucky Childe hosted our Grand Opening Christmas Party. Bigs and Littles celebrated our grand opening with a Christmas themed celebration that included cookies and cocoa with our special guest, Santa! There were activities to do with kids, crafts for kids and families and even photos with Santa.

KOLO News 8 and Mornings on Fox 11 featured our Grand Opening Christmas Party and introduced The Lucky Childe to our community. Watch the coverage below!

KOLO News 8

KOLO News 8 featured The Lucky Childe, founder Ellen Burcham and a couple of our Bigs and Littles to introduce us to the community!

The Lucky Childe on Mornings on Fox 11

Mornings on Fox 11 interviewed our founder Ellen Burcham about the concept of The Lucky Childe and our Grand Opening Christmas Party!


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