10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

This month, The Lucky Childe is celebrating The Loving Childe. Our goal for February is to encourage love in our Bigs and Littles. It’s also perfect to celebrate The Loving Childe because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. We wanted to share our ten favorite ways to make the day special for your little one.

Create Valentine’s Day Decorations

Who doesn’t love heart shaped decorations? Making Valentine’s Day decorations is an easy and fun activity and you get to spend time with your childe. A few of our favorite decorations are these classic Heart Paper Chains, this Heart Craft for Valentine’s Day, or even this memorable Hand Print Flower Bouquet that can be a decoration, a card or even both.

Have a Love Photo Shoot

Photo shoots are the perfect way to create lasting memories. We recommend planning out your theme, backdrop, outfits and props ahead of time. These don’t have to be elaborate, a simple white top sheet, a strand of twinkle lights and one of your Valentine’s Day decorations will do the trick. The most important part is you getting to spend time with your childe and celebrating love.

Get Crafty

Along with decorations, Valentine’s Day crafts are easy and fun, and we love Martha Stewart’s roundup for kid friendly crafts. These crafts make for perfect treats for your childe’s classmates, keepsakes for you and even gifts for friends or family.

Bake a Special Dessert

You can’t go wrong with a delicious baked treat. We absolutely love these Raspberry Cream Cheese Heart Tarts, these Love Bug Marshmallow Cookies or even simple Chocolate Covered Strawberries. There are so many recipes for Valentine’s Day themed desserts and who doesn’t love dessert?

Make a Valentine’s Day Dinner

Why stop at dessert? Make a whole Valentine’s Day meal! There are many recipes out there, like heart-shaped pancakes,  a heart themed lunchbox or heart-shaped homemade pizza.  Also think about having sparkling cider in champagne glasses to accompany dinner, it is a special day after all.

Spread Love

If you are interested in celebrating Valentine’s Day while also teaching your childe or family about the goodness of love, consider volunteering. There are multiple organizations, both locally in northern Nevada and nationally that are always looking for volunteers. Additionally, teaching your childe about volunteering and why it’s important to give back and donate is always a valuable lesson.

Share the Love

Fill your table with colorful paper, stickers and markers because it’s time to make Valentine’s Day cards. Make cards for mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, teachers, or anyone that is special in your life.

Cuddle up for a Family Movie Night

Make sure the popcorn is popped and the blankets are ready. There are many cute movies that are perfect for a day filled with love, like “Tangled”, “Lady and the Tramp” or “Beauty and the Beast”.

Read a Valentine’s Day Book

Finish the day with a Valentine’s Day book. After all the crafting, meals and love, read together before bed. A few of our favorite books are Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse. Love Monster, or The Biggest Valentine Ever.

Come to The Lucky Childe

We love celebrating Valentine’s Day, we are even celebrating it the whole week! The Lucky Childe will have our daily Story Time, where we will be reading Love Monster and creating our own love monster.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your little one can be easy and filled with love and laughter. There are many activities that the whole family can do to celebrate February 14th!

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