Yoga for Bigs, Littles & Tinys

Big and Little Yoga

Yoga Activity Details

Yoga for kids and their parents will be on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8am. The activity will last 30 minutes. Big and Little is $15.00 for the pair and $5.00 per additional Little. Space is limited to 12 spots, so book in advance.

Yoga for babies and their Mamas or Daddies will be on Thursdays at 8am for 30 minutes. Big and Tiny yoga is $15.00 per pair, but we are limited to each Big bringing only one baby as this activity is really hands on. Space is limited to 12 spots, so book in advance.

Yoga for Kids and their Parents

Enjoy the strength and stretch that yoga provides while spending quality, mindful time with your childe.

Yoga for Kids

Big and Little Yoga (walkers – age 10)

Littles who are walkers through age 10, with their Bigs, are invited to join The Lucky Childe in this delightfully fun yoga activity. Animated animal poses and creative yoga activities will help children discover the joy of yoga. You and your Little will celebrate developing mindfulness, mobility and physical expression through this supportive, fun-loving and movement-driven activity. Silly and unique kid-friendly yoga poses enhance concentration and listening skills, while refining motor coordination. This yoga activity creates an enriching Big and Little yoga experience.

Yoga for Babies

Big and Tiny Yoga (age 4 weeks – walkers)

This fun activity is for mommies and their babies age four weeks thru walking. Big and Tiny yoga activities will provide a gentle, nurturing way to care for your postnatal body. They will also help strengthen the physical and emotional bond between the Big and Tiny through fun poses, focused breathing, and creative balance. This is a great way for every new mom and dad to develop a practice of mindful movement. You will learn exercises that help strengthen your Tiny’s growing muscles, aid in digestion, promote better sleeping patterns, and help your infant towards their next stage of development.

Yoga for Kids

Mind Body Connection at all ages

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga originated in India around 3000 B.C. It was originally developed as a way for people to achieve harmony between the heart and soul, therefore carving a path to divine enlightenment. Fast forward to the 1980s when Yoga as exercise took off in a big way here in the western part of the world. Yoga is practiced for strength, to cure or aid in disease and pain, mindfulness, and to achieve harmony and peace within the body and mind.

Our kids encounter stressors and frustrations just like adults. Yoga is a wonderful way to help them acknowledge their feelings and find calm within themselves. Whether it is emotional, physical or social challenges, yoga can give children breathing and movement techniques to calm mind and body and help them find a sense of center. The breathing techniques taught to kids in yoga can be used anywhere to help a child calm or focus. Many schools and care centers are employing breathing techniques from yoga as well as meditation tools like calming bottles to help children sooth or calm down after a stimulating activity.

Yoga teachers who work with children report that yoga for kids builds self-esteem, self-respect, and a greater mastery of balance and coordination. Yoga with a parent or care giver also allows the childe to learn through the movements of the adult and understand that it’s OK if you fall out of a pose or can’t get it on the first time. The important thing is yoga is a practice and it gives Bigs and Littles the chance to explore the movement and stretches of their bodies.

FIVE key areas where kids especially benefit from the practice of yoga.


Yoga and its hundreds of poses allows our bodies to use new muscles we may have not tapped into with other exercises. This stretching and strengthening of new and old muscles increases our flexibility. Especially for children, this increased flexibility aids in growth and helps prevent injury as they mature. Challenging new muscle groups also helps the childe be more self aware of their bodies and how they function.

Balance and Coordination

Often in yoga, balance poses are used to challenge the body but also to allow the mind to focus. Balance poses teach kids to focus on the steadiness of their bodies and to be calm, rather than frustrated, if they fall out of pose. Yoga also involves several muscle groups at once in almost every pose, so children doing yoga learn coordination and improve dexterity.


Yoga in its essence is focused and mindful movement. It is almost impossible to hold a balance pose or a pose focused on strength if you are not focused on your body. Achieving a singular focus helps kids to calm distractions around them by clearing the mind and focusing on the movements of the body. It has been shown in several studies that practiced focus in yoga can lead to higher concentration in school.


The practice of yoga for kids is often experimental. They try something, don’t quite get it, breath, try it again. This process of constant improvement builds confidence. Yoga teaches children to persevere, be patient, and work on their goals. So when a childe masters a pose, they are filled with confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, yoga focuses on practicing compassion, generosity, and focus – all of which are building blocks to self awareness and empathy. Confidence is simply the ability for one to feel comfortable with the self.

Strong Mind-Body Connection

The modern world moves very fast for children. That constant motion can leave us in a pattern of catch-up rather than encouraging us to be in the moment. In yoga, kids are encouraged to sit in the present, focus on their body and breath, and check in with their emotions. Yoga can function as a release valve to alleviate the pressure of school, sports, or friends. It gives a place for kids to connect with their minds and bodies without any fear or expectations.

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