The Lucky Childe

The creative café where families can eat, learn, and play.


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Welcome to the world of The Lucky Childe, a creative café where imaginations run wild!

There once was a little cafe

Where people would go to eat, learn, and play.

It had the very best art, music, and food

Putting all who came, in the very best mood.

It had BIG open rooms, and a chandelier in the middle.

And gets so full of friends, you have to keep an eye on your Little.

But that wasn’t it for this cafe,

For the true value was shown in a very special way.

With acceptance, kindness, and respect,

The Reno community could grow and connect.

So the next time that you’re about

Stop by and give them a shout!

They might just be a little cafe,

But they’ll impact your life in a very big way.

Healthy food & drinks

Enjoy a menu full of sandwiches, salads, soups, coffee, house-made sodas, and other nutritious treats.

Creative Horizons

Expand and nurture your child’s creative thinking with our scheduled weekly activities, such as storytelling, painting, poetry, music, and more.

Community Connections

The Lucky Childe provides a welcoming environment where you can network and engage with other active families in our community.

Family Focus

Our primary goal is to provide an environment which promotes and nourishes family connections and togetherness.
Together, you can dine, craft, learn, socialize, and much more!


We plan to have a grand outreach and we are starting with our Reno community in hopes of impacting the lives of as many children and families possible.

Reserve your spot for upcoming activities! Looking forward to seeing you at The Lucky Childe!

Located in Monte Vista Village next to Great Basin Credit Union.

9620 S. McCarran Blvd.
Reno, NV 89523
(775) 299-9915

Questions or Comments? Drop us a note!